Andrea Seidita

Head Coach

Hi Folks,


My name is Andrea, a coach with over ten years experience in the fitness industry helping people become confident, healthy and the best version of themselves.


My journey started because I was over weight and didn’t feel good in myself... so I decided to change things and get in the gym making all those beginner mistakes! However looking back I know I’m a much better trainer for it.


Over my time in the industry I have been a CrossFit coach, boot camp business owner and of course a coach working with people either on a 1-2-1 basis or in small groups.


I appreciate the gym can be an intimidating place and starting something new can be daunting.

You might feel unsure on what to do or how to do it. Never fear Andrea is here to help you through your fitness journey.


With the correct mentality and with the focus on hard work pays then together we have the recipe for success.


Can’t wait to meet all you future trainees 💪🏻


Kelly Harman


Sport has always been a part of my life, from growing up as a competitive gymnast to becoming a fitness instructor in recent years. I live and breathe being active, from walking my dog, to running, playing with my boys at the local park, to being part of a team competing at Turf Games, it’s part of who I am. With this I work hard to inspire others to incorporate movement, activity or sport into their everyday lives, and that might start with short bursts of movement, leading to becoming a regular habit. I have a passion for helping people and have seen first-hand the benefits physical activity, exercise, sport can bring to support my mental wellbeing and hope it can support others in their journey.  


Sarah Piercy

Coach / Pilates

Hi Everyone I'm a nutrition coach and Pilates instructor. I'm really passionate about helping people create a healthy lifestyle and break the diet cycle. My goal is to encourage people to love good food, nourish their bodies and enjoy the exercise they do.

Pilates is a great addition to your week when attending exercise classes, preventing injury, focusing on flexibility and core strength. I strongly believe this is essential for everyone.

Craig Profile Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Craig Alcock


Hi All,

I love being active and enjoy all forms from running to being run ragged in the park by my little girl.

I have a football background and currently play for the team here at the Arena.


I enjoy the gym but appreciate it can be a daunting or negative place for some, I want to help bridge that gap to make it accessible and fun to people of all ages and levels.

The FA is a place to bring together people who have different reasons for coming but the same goal when inside - (to have FUN and be the best they can be).

A no pressure environment where we are all at different stages of our journey, but one we can go along together.


Look forward to helping you along the way!!!


Mark Harman


Hello everyone,


Having succumbed to the pressure from my wife Kelly to become a coach at the FA, I have decided to get involved. My background is in team sports, mainly football and rugby. I have always been involved in sport and fitness. I currently help coach my son’s rugby team and, in the past, I was a fitness instructor locally. I’m known for one song finishers that will ruin some of your favourite tunes next time you hear them on the radio. I look forward to working with you all to reach your fitness and training goals.


Kate Preater


My passion for fitness came into my life when at the age of around 30 I joined a gym. I knew no-one and after a few well taught class’s and meeting some amazing people I was hooked. How I felt mentally and physically after training became part of every day life. At 34 I entered my first Body Building Competition and shortly after qualified as a fitness coach. Since then I have trained on a solo basis, small group training and boot camp style training.

I do will my upmost in helping anyone wishing to achieve an overall healthier lifestyle.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey we at FA are determined on helping you achieve what ever goal is personal to you.

See you soon!


Toni Tompson


Hi Everyone.


Kate Farenden


Many years ago in the year 2000, my journey in the fitness industry started. I was a very keen 18 year old, eager to learn everything, having secured my 1st full-time job in an exclusive gym in London.


I qualified as a PT in 2001 and through the years have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most inspirational instructors and clients. 

I'm a qualified Crossfit Coach, Specialist in Ante/Postnatal Fitness, Kids Fitness, experience working with Cardiac Rehabilitation and COPD clients and am currently working as Harlow Town Football Club as the 1st Team Sports & Conditioning Coach, whilst also studying Sports Therapy.

Previously, I have run a very successful fitness business for 11 years.


Fitness is not only my job it is my passion. I love taking part in events, whether it's the London Marathon, a Crossfit competition, or The Turf Games.

Always educating myself and keeping up to date with the current fitness trends. I won’t visit a city without checking out a Crossfit Box or Boutique Studio. Having traveled to Miami, New York, Milan, Paris, and Portugal, I will always walk away learning something new or seeing something which I can implement into the gym which will only benefit our members.


Mindset is key!

Correct Mindset, sheer hard work, and determination, anything is possible.  

Helping individuals achieve their goals is the absolute perk of my job. Weight loss goals, running 10k or a marathon, getting a PB on a deadlift, I am here to help you… I promise you will always walk away from one of my sessions having loved it and eager for the next one.